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Are you getting impatient for improved results? Why is all your hard work having less of an impact than you deserve? 

Prevail Expertise at Work
Prevail’s suite of integrated clinical, logistics and financial oversight systems were fully deployed in only 17 days in a large Phase III study, with the first patient enrolled on day 18.

Prevail’s technology and domain experts are there to support your trial from start to finish, so you and your teams can focus on the protocol instead of the technology. Our customers are usually up and running on Prevail systems in just a few weeks from project start, regardless of complexity and any required integrations with your existing systems.

Prevail InfoWorks offers the full spectrum of end-to-end clinical services to support your clinical trial:

And since our cross-functional project teams are also expert users of our technologies, you can easily augment your current processes, people, and systems with Prevail’s best-of-breed software and services. As both an expert clinical software developer and highly experienced integrator, we take an agnostic approach and have successfully worked with every technology presented to us.

With 15+ years of proven success in hundreds of Phase I-IV trials across virtually all indications, Prevail can help improve your trial outcomes with:

  • Procurement
  • Site / vendor negotiation & contracting
  • Clinical operations
  • Project management
  • Software and database development
  • System integration (clinical as well as non-clinical systems)
  • Clinical data management and data science
  • Trial supply management
  • Trial Master File management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Site monitoring
  • Quality assurance & regulatory
  • Clinical project accounting
  • Site management


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