Are you Sponsoring or Conducting an important Clinical Trial that would RISE ABOVE with unparalleled results if you had a CRO enabling: 

All data sources seamlessly integrated into a Single Interface®? 
Real-time visibility from Day One?
Early indicators and readouts?
Faster outcomes and analytics?
Drill down functionality for easy analysis?
Easier accounting and budget control?
Budget percentage of completion?
Paying for your investment out of savings and efficiencies?

No one else can empower you to achieve these outcomes except Prevail InfoWorks. Request a live walkthrough!

“Using Prevail, it’s a methodology for understanding your data better. We all see data but we rarely understand what it really means. We actually shortened our development cycle because of this.”
                                               – Aurinia Pharmaceuticals

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Want real-time clinical data visibility, faster outcomes, drill-down analysis, easy patient profile access, and clinical project accounting for better control?

Achieve these outcomes with the patented Single Interface® system that seamlessly integrates all data sources, and pay for your investment out of savings and efficiencies with Prevail InfoWorks. Request a live walkthrough now!

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Typically, study information is spread across siloed databases

Whatever your concern is – endpoint(s), safety, enrollment, data quality or compliance – the right information never seems to be at your finger-tips or in one place. Burdensome manual data extractions and spreadsheets are the norm. Actionable intelligence from your accumulating, paid-for data should only be limited by your imagination.

Static reports of stale data are not useful in complex environments

If you manage to have access to your data, you need programmers to develop reports or visualizations instead of generating them yourself with a mouse-click. Those reports only show a dated part of the picture, only come in tables, or do not allow drill downs into critical correlations and variability in the data.

Productivity is hampered when information is not easily accessible

Study teams’ talents are wasted when nearly half their time is spent emailing or gathering information to do their jobs, and study success is compromised when decisions are based on fragmented and incomplete information.

With Prevail’s Single Interface™ you are no longer in the dark

The Single Interface™ provides a complete and up-to-date picture of your studies for early observations, optimal decision and process support, and seamless vendor coordination. First, all of your clinical, diagnostic, logistical, and accounting data is automatically and continually integrated into the Central Repository. The data can be from your, our or your suppliers’ systems.

Waiting for information is a thing of the past

With all of your data now in one place, Prevail’s vast library of “out-of-the-box” and custom reporting, analytic and workflow tools leverage the aggregated data for actionable intelligence. This unlocks insights into every aspect of your study, from operational metrics tracking to visual patient profiles to safety and efficacy trends.

Identify problems sooner to improve quality, save money and maintain timelines

The Single Interface™ identifies sooner what is or is not going as planned, allowing you to verify your study assumptions and prevent quality problems, cost overruns and delays. When your newfound visibility uncovers issues, Prevail provides a 21st century toolbox to proactively manage outcomes and drive study success.

Everyone is aligned and equipped for study success

Easy and timely access to actionable intelligence allows everyone to perform at the highest level, coordinate efficiently, and avoid administrative waste. What took hours to do now takes minutes. Early observations of hidden trends, correlations and variableness in aggregate data and workflow processes equip everyone for study success. This cost-effective and turnkey solution can be implemented in four to six weeks.

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“We were able to lock the database in less than one hour after receiving last patient data in a pivotal study of 227 patients at 45 sites, and the data quality was excellent.”

-Small US biotech


“We were up and running with integrated clinical, logistics, and financial oversight in 17 days for our large Phase III study, and enrolled the first patient on the 18th day.”

-Mid-sized North American pharmaceutical company

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